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Best Web Hosting In Pakistan

Hosting Hive is one of the best web hosting companies in Pakistan. We always try to serve best to our customers. We are a Lahore-based company, but we provide our online web hosting services in all Pakistan cities. Many companies in Pakistan offer hosting services with high bandwidth, 24 hours technical support, and complete control. But when you pay them, you will realize they provide below standard services. This thing will never happen with Hosting Hive because we always deliver what we promised. Our web hosting services include Word-Press hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, e-commerce, cloud hosting, and Windows hosting. If you have a business, web hosting is a need, not an option. Nowadays, things have changed the world and demands that companies have an online webpage. Even nearby physical stores and shops must be discoverable through the web. Therefore, an organization needs a page with an area and business hours. In this modern era of technology, the verbal exchange gets you so far. However, the individuals also find a new organization or nearby businesses by browsing over search engines like Google and Bing. Things have changed now; nobody uses yellow pages and white pages. Likewise, if you don’t have a website, it means you don’t have any presence in the internet world. In simple words, no website means no new clients and no cash.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Features you must expect in good web hosting.

Usually, web hosting service providers offer fewer features in their starting bundles. And to extend the plan, you have to pay extra money. However, the critical part is to ensure the hosting you are choosing to fulfill your needs.

Probably the essential thing that you required is a website builder to design your website. But make sure that whatever the tool you pick should have a web page developer. Countless them anticipate that you should pay for the developer as a different extra. Website developers, as a rule, don’t cost a ton of money. Regardless, if you can find a web site that consolidates one to no end, that is money in your pocket. Furthermore, if it includes hosting administration, you are bound to have a smooth, upheld experience.

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  • Bots, databases, and help tickets are okay if you need a web host 24 hours of customer support. However, in case you need to talk with another human to get things settled as quickly as could be expected under the circumstances. Not every company offers this type of service. But big organizations like Hosting Hive and other top-notch companies provide expert-level technical support.
  •  Mostly, people prefer Linux when it comes to the host operating system. Also, some of them prefer Windows hosting rather than Linux. If you have explicit server-side applications that require Windows, for example, My SQL Server or a custom application written in Dot-NET, at that point, you have to ensure your web has Windows hosting. Yet, don’t let the possibility of a Linux have to threaten you. These days, most web sites have offered a GUI or a C panel to streamline worker organization and website executives. Rather than composing at the order line, you will click virtually recognizable images.
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  • Windows operating system based hosting is frequently more costly than Linux hosting, particularly in the committed worker region. That isn’t commonly the circumstance, yet it’s something you should think about as you search around.On the remote possibility that you plan to have a web nearness, you must have an email.
  • Besides, it is a promising path for possible clients and customers to send you a message, Word record, or different documents. Fortunately, most web users have remembered email for the cost of their hosting plans. Some websites offer boundless email account creation (which is incredible for future development), while others offer a limited sum. You, typically, should need an infinite email.