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Reseller Hosting

As the vast majority of you will likely know, reselling is a process in which you take someone’s product and sell it as your own. By keeping away from the costly turn of events and running costs, you can earn money by selling items. Reseller hosting is similar to selling web hosting from a supplier, for example, Hosting Hive as your own. Reseller web hosting is a superior method to make additional money. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a website developer, designer, an office, or whether you accomplish something extraordinary. You can “white label” your exchanged hosting and include your marking or incorporate hosting as a component of the development or website design. Basically, the reseller web hosting is suitable for software houses, web developers, or individuals running numerous websites and resellers on the off chance. Hosting Hive likewise offers unlimited reseller hosting plans.

Start Your Own Business.

You can set up your own business with just one click to host your customer with your brand. With our hosting reseller package, you can earn more money. And in case you want an add-on, we also provide that. One thing we assure you that the quality of services we are providing you will not find in any of the competitors. Also, the packages we are offering incorporates everything from developing a website to automated hosting, payment collection, domain set up, and so forth. In the reseller plan, we mainly focus on helping you establish your brand. Also, it allows you to develop a hosting business by incorporating a domain hosting reseller with complete access to resources and payment methods. We both manage Linux reseller web hosting and windows reseller web hosting.

Advantages of reseller web hosting

In case you are a website designer or developer and offering hosting as a feature of the package implies the customer has less to do. However, it is a fact the less work a customer needs to do to get their website, the more chance they are to sign with you. They will have enough work to do getting their business off the ground without overseeing hosting as well

Managed c-Panel

Although c-Panel is not the main management dashboard; however, it is one of the most famous. Therefore, our reseller package includes simple management and finite control over the hosting. So, you will maintain the service level and resolve the problem before it occurs. Customized Hosting Packages You can set up a customized hosting package depending upon the client’s demands and profile. You would then be able to charge whatever the market can continue and profit. Expandable Most reseller hosting accounts are adaptable, so you can start little and extend as your customer list develops. As hosting is virtual, scaling is done rapidly and generally with no extra administrator costs. Ability to become a White Label In White Label, you take someone else’s product and service, for this situation, web hosting, and permit you to include your branding and sell it as your own.Helpful for native users There is a positive expectation to learn more information to reseller hosting on the off chance you have not previously overseen web hosting. But if you have managed shared hosting or something comparative, it is a little advancement. If you have utilized c-Panel to set up your website, the cycle is equivalent. Just this time, you are setting up different hosting.